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Our History

LivFit:Lean is the new brand for Fitness 15. Fitness 15 has been working for people as a health management and weight loss programme for over a decade now.

Fitness 15 was designed and fine tuned over a period of two years by Body Builders and Personal Trainers Lynne Wright and partner Tony Ligaliga.

Tony is a highly regarded elite bodybuilder and coach with many Bodybuilding championship titles to his name including Samoan Sportsman of the year.


Fitness 15 was developed after consulting with elite bodybuilders and adjusting the nutrition and exercise principles until we found what were the 15 key contributors to fat burning and muscle building. The principles have been tried and tested for many years and are now the foundation principles of LivFit:Lean.

“We started Fitness 15 (now LivFit:Lean)  because we found that when people embark on an exercise programme or join the gym their expectations of what they would achieve far exceeded their willingness to make changes throughout the rest of your lifestyle.

We wanted to create a programme which made clients accountable for their lifestyle and nutritional decisions outside the gym”, says Lynne.