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Are we living as nature intended?

Should modern man look like this? LivFit programmes are designed to help us rewire our metabolism - the way nature designed us to be.


Nature designed us to be fit, active, toned – not overweight, nor over-eating from the wrong food groups.
Since the days the first people walked the planet, they were designed to be fat storing machines. Fat was there to help us survive in times of scarcity.

Our human physiology has not changed a lot over the millennia. Our ancestors needed to be lean to be able to move fast.  But in a modern world where we don’t have to sprint and hunt down our next meal we’re not generally operating as nature intended. So our fat storage mechanism has gone a little crazy!

Modern man is experiencing weight levels like never before….why?

We have fast food and fast lifestyles – don’t get enough exercise and do sedentary jobs
We consciously and subconsciously intake higher levels of sugars, fats, toxins and hormones than our ancestors
Many of us lead stressful lives, rushing around balancing careers and family which sends our physiological balance a bit haywire (due to stress hormones) and often makes it difficult to lose weight
We don’t have time to exercise as we need to
A largely processed food diet has us eating foods which are modified and enhanced to increase consumption patterns , taste ….and time to market


LivFit is an advocate of clean eating from whole, vital sources of food. As nature intended. We encourage good simple nutrition from foods with a low level of human intervention. We combine this with cardiovascular fitness and resistance training to reduce fat and build lean muscle content. The more lean muscle in a person’s body composition – the more calories they will burn all day long. The fitter they are, the more they will be able to handle the stresses and strains of modern living.

Our programmes reflect the ethos that nature knows best. We see ourselves as an educator and encourager. We provide the knowledge and encouragement to help people by shaping their mind and body for the better.