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Good Reads

Why Sugar Makes us Fat

David Gillespie

A highly entertaining and informative read – David Gillespie makes the case that sugar is public enemy number one! He sets out to dispel earlier myths that ‘fat makes us fat’. In a fascinating analysis of evolution, economic forces and our human biochemistry – he tells us why “fructose is a killer of epidemic proportions”.

He tests his own fructose hypothesis on himself - as a 40kg overweight lethargic sleep-deprived father of four (with twins on the way) he follows a diet that eliminates sugar…and guess what happens? Yep, he gets lots leaner!

Sweet Poison exposes one of the great health scourges of our time and offers a wealth of practical and accessible information on how to avoid fructose, increase your enjoyment of food and lose weight.


Health and Wellbeing Professionals, Volumes 1 & 2

Andrew May

Given to me by a ‘switched on’ personal trainer this book assembles the thought leaders of the Australian Wellness and Fitness Industry and pulls together some great tips, ideas and inspirational anecdotes to drive your business growth.

The 14 contributors inside this book have worked with some of Australia’s leading sporting teams, biggest companies and most successful entrepreneurs. Each person has their own message and perspective on looking at improving people’s health, wellbeing and happiness.

Switched on is good thought provoking stuff if you are trying to build or grow a business in the health and fitness sector. td>


Solve your weight loss puzzle

Dr Libby Weaver

Dr Libby Weaver is fast becoming an international force in holistic weight-loss and nutrition. A nutritionist with a PHD in biochemistry, she’s charismatic, brilliant and a leading light in preventative health …and she’s a kiwi! (Well Australian…but we won her back…yay).

In Accidentally Overweight (her first book) Dr Libby takes us on a journey of the internal workings of our complex interlinked bodily systems and explains (in simple to understand language) how to solve your weight-loss puzzle.

Moreover this book is a guide to preventative health. It will help you understand how to live more health-fully in a world where “immediate food” and your “immediate lifestyle” is having a far deeper effect that you may ever have thought about. If you’re a coffee fanatic be prepared to be challenged!