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Goal Setting for Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, your head-space is of vital importance! A positive frame of mind, determination and some hard and fast goals are vitally important. LivFit:Lean supports long-term weight loss because it takes a focus on shaping your mind and know-how first and then changing eating and exercise behaviours through results. Shaping your mind with positive goals is paramount to reshaping your body.

SMART goals

S = Specific M = Measurable A = Achievable R = Realistic T = Timebound

= I want to be fit enough to swim 20 lengths of the pool. I want to bring down my cholesterol by X. I want to increase my fitness by 10%. These are all examples of specific goals.

Measurable = we will help you ascertain the right weight and body-fat thresholds to aim for. Don’t make your goals immeasurable i.e. I want to look hot at my best friend’s wedding. Think measurable: I want to look hot in a size 10 dress at the wedding.

Achievable = we can’t all be Brad Pitt or Angelina. Make sure your goals are achievable – but are a stretch. Use the zig zag principles of LivFit:Lean. This means not denying yourself every little treat. Do allow yourself small pleasures if you are dying for them. You might lose a tick, but you will keep your sanity. The beauty of LivFit:Lean is that you can have a bad day and make it up the next day. Or you can have a wine in a day (and lose your no alcohol, carb and sugar ticks) but still have a 12 tick day if you tick everything else in your logbook.

Realistic = you may have time constraints on your exercise time. Work within realistic goal frameworks. Don’t set yourself up to fail.

Timebound = highly important! We all know how we perform better if we have a deadline. Its simple psychology….ensure your goals have a timeframe e.g. 2kg by week three of the challenge. 5kg and 5% bodyfat reduction by week six etc. Your Livfit:Lean coach will help you set SMART goals at your body composition analysis session.

Your Homework Exercise

Once you have worked out your six week goals with your LivFit:Lean coach and your ultimate goal(s) write them up using the SMART method as your checklist. You might have 2-4 various goals. Your homework is to write up your goal statements ready to go up on the wall...mirror...and/or pantry. They need an accompanying image that you might cut from a magazine, scan or draw even. Bring this in for your next session.

The human brain is wired to read visual cues powerfully. Choose your imagery well. For example, if a goal is to get into a pair of size eight True Religion jeans at the end of your challenge, then fi nd an image of those jeans, cut it out and put it with your goal statement(s). If your goal is to complete a duathlon, fi nd a picture of someone coming across the fi nish line and paste your own face onto that picture. If you want to increase your confi dence with the opposite sex (or same sex) as a consquence of the challenge….put up a picture of the ideal man or woman you would like to attract. Every time you look at that picture – feel yourself being more confi dent with who you are in your new shaped body. Visualise it as if it had already happened!

These “pictorial goal statements” should be dotted around the house in conspicuous places that you can’t miss. On the fridge, the pantry, and the bathroom mirror. At work....create screen savers that constantly remind you of your goals.


Complete daily affirmations of your health and fitness goals

Daily affirmations of your health and fi tness goals are crucial to help you stay focused. A great time to go over these goals in your head is when you are out and about exercising. Its uplifting to remind yourself of what you are trying to achieve while exercising. If you are not worried about what others think, it's even better to affirm them out loud!

If you are a morning person, find five minutes before the day begins to affirm your health and fitness goals. If you are an ipod person - record your goals and play them back to yourself when you are out exercising. If you are a night time reader - spend five minutes rereading your goals and thinking about what you’d like to achieve before slipping off to sleep.

It's also really important to ensure that those close to you understand what it is that you are trying to achieve. Especially those that might be preparing food for you. Talk to your friends and your family about your goals.