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Halfway there...Where to from here?

Congratulations you are half way through LivFit:Lean. Now is a great time to reflect and fine tune. Look back over the last few weeks and assess your willingness to change. It does take a heroic effort to reach your ultimate health and weight goals . Have you been a hero in your attempt to adapt 16 ticks into your lifestyle? If yes then well done keep it up. No? You’ve made excuses and now is the time to change that. Wherever you are at on your journey to living fit, if you want to get some serious results here’s a few tips to up-the-anti for the next three weeks.

Change the type of cardio you are doing

Our bodies are born to adapt to the environment we create. Mix up your cardio workouts, you will be working different muscle groups which is often more challenging and rewarding. This will ensure you don’t get bored and give up. So give yourself a bit of variety but remember to work at a heart rate of between 65% and 85% of your maximum. If you’ve been walking only - try cycling, rowing or a spin class now. A heart monitor is a great tool to help you understand when you are in the fat burning zone and for how long. If you can’t afford to buy one, think about borrowing one. Ask your gym if they have a spare one.

Record those 3km time trials

If your 3km time trial is now taking you less than 20 minutes, then remember in order to get your cardio TICK you will need to exercise LONGER than 20 effective minutes. So why not really challenge yourself and add 1000m of rowing or cycling to the end of your timetrial and start recording both times in your logbook. Challenge yourself to improve those time trial results each week.

Have a look at your waist measurements

We all have a weight loss goal that we would like to achieve, but abdominal girth is a good indicator of health risks. Generally women with an abdominal girth of more than 35 inches (88.9cm) and a man with more tha

n 40 inches (101.6cm) are at more risk of heart disease and bad internal health than those with lower abdominal girths. So get your LivFit coach to remeasure your waist girth - it should be on its way down at this stage.

Have a look at your before photos

We recommend before photos for a purpose. They are a great motivator! Perhaps if you are not where you thought you should be by now, its time to get those photos out and consider what you really want to change about those images.

Move the body to motivate the mind.

While you are exercising, cast your mind back to a time when you were happy with your body. Or, project forward to your visual goals and hold onto the image of the physique you are trying to create.

If a goal of losing weight on LivFit:Lean was to fit back into those jeans - get them out, try them on and try to recall how you felt when they fitted you comfortably. Hold onto these positive images while you are exercising and be very purposeful and enthusiastic about it.

Exercise is crucial to your success. Generally if your exercise component is weak - then your willpower and ability to stick to the rest of the LivFit:Lean principles will also be weak. Physical exercise makes us stronger in body and mind. So move the body to motivate your mind and know that living fit is the best choice you can make.

Invest in a personal trainer

Use a professional to eliminate the guesswork from your resistance training programme and motivate you to be the best you can be. They’ll help you to go the extra mile and really maximise your exercise results

Your Homework Exercise

Calculate your average ticks

The tick zone of 12 - 16 ticks per week is the fast track to great results. What has your average been to date? If its less than 84 per week....notch it up. Make a concerted effort for the next week at least to hit 13 or 14 per day. Then see how the results change at 91 ticks for the week! Plan ahead for at least one 16 tick day.