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One Week to Go - MAKE IT COUNT

With only one week to go, now is not the time to lose focus, but rather to ramp it up! You have come so far on this challenge, keep your eye on the prize now. Here are some tips to make the most of your last week.

Plan, Plan, Plan

The key to success at managing weight is being able to plan ahead. Its in those moments of sudden hunger that we lose sight of goals and go for the fastest fix to satisfy the hunger pangs.

By planning your week’s meals from the beginning of the week, making a shopping list and getting well prepared ahead of time, you’ll avoid the hunger demons.

Planning goes for your exercise too. Work out ahead of time, which will be your weight training days (aim for three) and which days will allow you to factor in no less than 20 minutes effective cardio. When you are pushed for time in a day, work out how you can get in some form of exercise e.g. ask to get dropped off 3km from home with your walking shoes if you’ve been out on a family outing and won’t have time to exercise when you get home. 

How to handle eating out

Eating out doesn’t mean you have to write the day off. Its not so difficult to make compliant choices.

  • Choose a venue where you know you will have a few healthy options on the menu. If you can help it, avoid the places that love to deep fry, or the Asian, Indian or Chinese options with high sodium content in their foods.
  • Tell the waiter what you are looking for and don’t be afraid to ask for substitutes or to have the sauce on the side.
  • When it comes to asking about food ingredients, compliment the food then ask less directly about the ingredients e.g. “I love the sound of the fish of the day - can you tell me how that is done”?
  • Have a protein shake before you go out. If you are not hungry your willpower will be stronger.
  • Requests for food modifications are increasingly common - so don’t be shy.

Revisit your SMART goals

Set your goals for the last week using the SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timebound) method. Look at your before photos. Set aside time each day, (preferably first thing in the morning) to say your goals out loud and spend a little time envisioning the shape you want to be in your mind’s eye. Its crucial to keep focus for the week.

Try for your best ever 3km time trial

This is a gauge of your fitness improvement. Even if you’re weight loss has not been dramatic on this challenge, chances are your strength and fitness will have improved a lot if you have been following the prescription. So, recall your best 3km time trial and go out to knock it dead. You’ll feel great about your result.

Go for seven days solid with no alcohol

A big ask....but its only seven days. Remember alcohol inhibits your liver’s ability to metabolise fat by around 72% for up to three days. By leaving out the booze for a week, getting your 3L water tick without fail and eating as cleanly as you can (choose whole foods over foods with preservatives) you will be giving your cleansing system the rest it needs to focus on metabolising fat.

A tip for going out....or if you are just hanging out for a bevvy:

  • Drink your water (or non-alcoholic, low sugar alternative) from a wine glass. With a dash of lime juice or low cal cordial, its going to look like alcohol and there is something about the vessel that makes it mentally easier to go without the alcohol.

Tell the whole truth and nothing but ....

Many people (myself included) have been known to have a mouthful of rice or potatoe after 3pm, but we still tick that NO CARBS AFTER 3pm box. Or we smear on the butter onto our toast, (albeit lightly) and then tick our NO SATURATED FAT box. A little bit of cheating is still cheating! How we justify it is irrelevant. “A snippet here and a mouthful there” ....adds up at the end of the day. Worst of all the lines (or the ticks in this case) become blurred and we get sloppy.

So in your last week, tell the truth and abstain from sneaky mouthfuls here and there. A lot of calories fall through those cracks!

Go hard out for 13 ticks per day

The finish line is in view....12/13 ticks per day will put you in the fast lane to your goals. Vary the ticks but don’t score less than 84 ticks this week - even accounting for a rest day from exercise.