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Scrambled Eggs with Chives

I throw this one in the microwave in a deep dish bowl and its light, fluffy and takes about 3 mins to prep and cook! Quick, tasty and gives you a good protein hit to start the day.

 OK any time of day 


  • 2 eggs
  • Splash of low fat milk
  • Olive oil cooking spray (only if pan cooking)
  • Five Chive sprigs


  1. beat eggs and milk.
  2. chop in the chives.
  3. Cook in the microwave for 1 min on high. Give a little stir. Cook another 30 secs.

Or if cooking in a pan, use a light spray of olive oil, cook on low heat in non-stick pan, stirring regularly.

Serve immediately on or beside nice wholegrain toast with smear of low fat spread.


LivFit Functional Facts:

Eggs are highly nutritious - they contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals and are one of the best sources of high quality protein. With the previous limits on consumption (due to their cholesterol content) now debunked, eggs are a healthy fast food for all the family.


LivFit:Lean Tick Info:

Less than 3g Saturated Fat per 100g
No added salt
No white flour products
Protein (5-25g)
No fried food (go easy on the spray oil)

Avoid using full fat butter on your toast. Flora Proactive Light is a good option.

Portions: 1
Time to Make: 3 to 5 mins
Yummy variations: serve with a grilled tomato, use parsley instead of chives