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Useful Links

Email us your ideas for useful online links to help others LivFit.

This website is packed with info about organic food and nutrition information. Also some yummy healthy recipes here.
This website “The World’s healthiest foods” is a good tool for nutritional info, recipes and cooking tips.
New Zealand’s ultimate food guide. Great magazine with loads of healthy, practical, yummy recipes.
This NZ Food manufacturer adheres to exemplary certified organic standards. Their food range is broad and represents many and varied options which are LivFit compliant.

This is an awesome source of online calculators. Test your fitness and strength
An event gives you a great fitness goal to aim for. Total Sport organise really fun, off-road events for people of all levels.
Dame Susan Devoy has pulled together this great online community for walkers. Learn all about walking events and find a walking group near you. Make new friends while living fit!
REAL aims to be inspirational to all Kiwi women - whatever their age - and we are proud to have several women aged in their 70s taking part. Now it seems some of our ladies are aspiring to keep doing REAL till they are 100.
The fitness site for today’s active figures.

Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit worldwide leader in medical care, research and education for people from all walks of life.
NZ’s best selling health and fitness magazine
Useful tools, articles, recipes, resources, programmes and courses.
Read up on articles on topics like endometriosis, emotional overeating, hormones, sleep, stress management and other techniques from  the best in the holistic nutrition business: Dr Libby Weaver

Here you’ll find a run-down on NZ health insurance, FAQs, tips, and more.