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LivFit at Church and in your Community

Our solution for Church and Community wellness

For churches and community groups we combine LivFit:Lean with a series of fitness sessions, seminars and weigh-ins over six weeks. Its all about learning, challenge, team-building and fun fitness!

Here's how it worked for St Therese and St Anthony's Catholic Parish in Mangere...

Educational seminars play a key role in shaping minds. While the exercise component is awesome for team building.

Read the St Therese and St Anthony's Story ....



$380 + per person for a six week comprehensive, team building initiative including weekly seminars, weekly weigh-ins/coaching and a bootcamp.
Price reduced by faciliating your own weigh-ins on weeks two, four and five. You'll need to appoint a LivFit internal champion if you choose this option. Talk to us if this is of interest!
Wellbeing committees can choose to subsidise, or pay in full.

Benefits: Many measurable benefits…such as team building, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and more.



We combine our foundation 42 Day Guided Nutritional Challenge Livfit:Lean with a bespoke weekly exercise programme held at your facility or a nearby suitable outdoor/indoor facility.

Participants are a part of a six week educational programme to improve their understanding of nutrition and increase their fitness. Exercise programmes are in the form of especially designed bootcamp events. Fun and effective!