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The Format of LivFit:Lean

This 42 day Guided Weight-loss Challenge is made up of an educational seminar, body composition analysis, weekly weigh-ins (great for your accountability), coaching support and progress tracking.




This is a 1.25 hour seminar delivered by certified LivFit Coaches at your chosen provider’s premises. The seminar takes place at the outset of the six weeks. It focuses on teaching the basics of the 16 potent principles of which two are exercise based, 13 are nutrition based and one is psychology based.

One-on-one seminars are available by request if you can’t make the group date. Your coach reserves the right to charge an additional, nominal fee for this.


This is a 30 minute (approximately) one-on-one session with your LivFit Coach. During this session your coach will meet with you, take your measurements, weight and guage an indicative measure of your bodyfat %. The coach will work through your personal health and fitness goals with you and set targets for the six week programme PLUS your ultimate goal. This takes place at the beginning and conclusion of the programme.

Note: the means by which different providers will gauge bodyfat varies. Some use calipers, some do skin-folds and some use advanced scales which indicate bodyfat as well as weight.


Much like a support-group setting, each week (usually a week out from the seminar) your LivFit Coach will run a weigh-in. Typically these sessions last around 20 mins. You and the members of your group will weigh-in and your coach will go through your weekly tick-list with you.

This is an invaluable time to ask questions, learn from each other’s findings, trade recipes, tips and questions. At this session your coach will fine-tune your knowledge and fuel your enthusiasm. Each week your coach has a different educational topic to focus on – from tips to set SMART goals - to assistance reading food labels.

One-on-one seminars are available by request if you can’t make the group ones or prefer individual attention. Your coach reserves the right to charge an additional fee to recover their time.


LivFit:Lean is designed to get results and track results. Each week you will be appraised of your progress towards your goals.

Your coach is available to answer questions throughout the week (between weigh-ins) and many will encourage their groups via text and email tips during the week (if desired).

Celebrate your success on a LivFit Programme. Inspire others and let us share your story here. We’ll thank you with a LivFit quality training shirt.