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Sefo Leads Church Weight-loss


Joseph (Sefo) came along to a six week Livfit challenge run by Livfit on behalf of the St Therese and St Anthony Catholic Parish'. His was a great result which goes to show just what can be achieved when you put your mind to it. See the parish Pilot Video...

Sefo is a Fitter/Welder by trade. Despite being relatively active at work, Sefo had let his weight sneak up over the years. He’d never had any education around nutrition and wasn’t doing any exercise. He felt unfit, tired and lacked energy.


As a part of a team on the LivFit challenge Sefo rose to the occasion – never missing one session and working hard at his goals. He went from no exercise to exercising three times a week at least. For six weeks he would come along, listen hard, work hard at the boot-camps and then religiously, tick 13 of the points each day. His wife Lucia was a brilliant supporter – coming along each week to listen in, encourage him and integrate the principles into the food at home.


After six weeks of 'living fit' Sefo was the star of the challenge with the highest weight loss of 8.4kg and a 50% improvement in his fitness. He was also the oldest member, which goes to show age is no barrier! He reported feeling fitter, stronger, more energized and less tired. He also reported exceeding his expectations and having increased confidence, tone, strength and flexibility.


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